3 Signs You Need a New Digital Marketing Service

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Digital marketing is a challenge that many business owners feel ill-equipped to manage. Yet, they recognize it’s an integral element of success in the modern world.

So, they do what anyone does. They hire experts in the form of a digital marketing service.

All is well in the world…until it isn’t.

Some marketing agencies don’t or can’t deliver on their promises. Wondering if you hired an agency like that?

Let’s look at few key signs it’s time for a new agency.

They Won’t Change Strategies

It takes a while before digital strategies show results. Once they do kick in, though, there comes a point when it’s time for a change. Here are a few of the signs it’s time for a strategy change:

  • Engagement levels off
  • Poor lead generation
  • Content doesn’t attract attention

If this happens, frankly, your agency should suggest a change in strategy. They see the numbers first and analyze them at a more granular level. They should see the problem before you do and offer ideas.

If they don’t, it’s tell-tale trouble sign.

If you spot the problem and draw their attention to it, they should remain receptive. If you get serious pushback about changing approaches, start fielding calls from other agencies.

Your Digital Marketing Service Doesn’t Report In

You surrender a lot of control when you turn over your digital marketing to an agency. They post the content, track the responses, and analyze the numbers. So, it’s understandably alarming when you don’t hear from them.

Any agency, no matter how conscientious, can miss a report now and then. Maybe the person in charge of sending your report got sick or the email got lost in digital purgatory.

It happens and shouldn’t set off too many red flags.

If not sending reports turns into a habit, though, that should alarm you. At best, it means the agency doesn’t see your account as a priority. At worst, it means they invoice you for zero work.

You should head for greener pastures at the first opportunity.

Your Agency Starts Getting Bad Reviews

It’s standard operating procedure to check reviews and references of a digital marketing service before you sign on with them. Yet, how often does anyone check the reviews after they sign on?

Not often enough.

Good companies can deteriorate because of leadership changes, loss of key staff, or too many clients. Whatever the cause, reviews often act as a kind of weathervane for the changes. That’s why it’s in your best interest to check the reviews of businesses you work with every so often.

If the reviews for your agency suddenly turn sour, it’s a sign that you should get clear.

Parting Thoughts

Hiring a digital marketing service is a simple necessity for many businesses. You can’t by without digital marketing these days.

Sometimes, though, you must leave an ineffective agency behind.

The time for that is when your agency won’t change strategies, won’t make reports, or starts racking up bad reviews.

Mauve Modern specializes in digital marketing, including social media and reputation management. If it’s time for a new agency, get in touch.

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