4 Tips for Creating a YouTube Marketing Campaign that Doesn’t Suck

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YouTube isn’t just a hub of entertaining videos.

It’s one of the leading search engines on the internet. People go to the site to find answers to all of their problems, and, usually, they comb through multiple videos to compile a solution that best fits their situation.

Even better, potential customers don’t have to go directly to YouTube to start searching. If they type their query into Google or even their Chrome browser, relevant YouTube videos will jump up at the top of the search.

Here are 3 tips on how to create an effective YouTube marketing campaign.

Focus on Directed Traffic

Looking for good leads is one of the hardest parts of marketing. There’s a lot of demand online, but it can be difficult to trigger someone’s interest and get their attention at the right moment.

If your business offers services, then YouTube videos are the right backdrop to your advertisements.

The viewers are:

  • focused on solving a problem they can’t solve on their own.
  • probably feel some degree of urgency.
  • willing to invest time in the solution, which means they’re also more likely to invest money. You don’t want to reach out even to your target market when they’re fine operating within their status quo.

At that point, there’s no problem for you to solve. Even promoting your service as a better alternative means, you have to point out a problem and feature your business as the solution.

If there’s already a problem, half the work is done.

What Kind of Ads Should You Use on Youtube?

Demonstrate how you can solve the audience’s current problem and stop future, similar issues from occurring in the future.

You can’t just advertise a short-term fix. The video your audience is about to watch will give them that short-term fix for free. This is a great opportunity to focus on how your product or service could stop them from ever being in their current situation again.

This kind of message includes an immediate solution, an emotional solution, and long-term solvency, and that will resonate with your audience.

The Shot Changes Need to Change Pace

Television videos have a lot of cuts. Glitchy frame changes, removing the spaces between sentences, and fast zoom-ins are part of the television aesthetic. But that’s not going to work on Youtube.

You need a format that translates to the tone and format because you’re going to be marketing to a different audience.

Be Careful with the Absurd

If you take a snippet of someone else’s video and insert a poorly edited image over someone’s head, Youtube will not accept that.

Although it’s how to quickly communicate an idea without investing too much time on aesthetics, dipping everything with an edge of parody will not keep your marketing campaign on the right side of copyright.

Enhance Your Youtube Marketing Campaign

If you’re just starting out on your business’s social media journey, or have been going at it for a while but aren’t getting the results you’d hoped for, you may be wondering if you should pay attention to Youtube. As it turns out, you not only should think about Youtube – you need to.

Contact us for more tips on how to improve your youtube marketing campaign.

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