5 Google AdWords Management Tips Every Business Needs

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5 Google AdWords Management Tips Every Business Needs

Looking to improve your Google AdWords campaign? Then be sure to check out this article. Click here for 5 Google Adwords management tips every business needs.

What’s the easiest thing about Google Adwords?

Other than setting up an account, everything else requires a bit more studying, especially if you’re a beginner. You want to get the basics right not just to ensure your campaigns are successful, but also to maximize your advertising budget.

The good news is there are are Google Adwords management tips you can follow to do just that. We’ve listed 5 of the best practices that will help you make the most of your Adwords account.

1. Mind Your Keywords

Sure, you can use free keyword tools for your PPC and SEO campaigns. But do you know how to organize them?

Organizing your keywords is as important as choosing the right keywords for your product or service. You want to know how to segment them based on different factors including profitability, purchase funnel, geography, and so on.

Keep in mind that campaigns are not like baby birds you can release into the wild once you’re done the initial work of caring for them. You’ll have to review them, de-clutter them, and delete low-performing keywords on the regular.

You should also learn how to employ negative keywords so you’re not wasting money on folks who aren’t part of your target audience.

2. Go Beyond Your Home Page

Do all your ads lead to your home page? One of the basics of Google Adwords management is to make sure your landing pages are relevant to your ads.

If Google sees this isn’t the case, your Quality Score will take a hit. The lower your Quality Score, the lower your ads will appear in the SERPs or search engine results pages and the more you’ll have to pay to push them back up.

3. Don’t Forget About Mobile

If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you’ll have a hard time optimizing your local SEO and PPC campaigns. Consider how many smartphone users there are worldwide (almost 5 billion).

Imagine how much ad dollars you’re wasting by not targeting mobile users. Now, if you find that you have campaigns that are getting visits from the mobile crowd, you’ll want to duplicate those. You can also bid negative amounts for other platforms (e.g. desktop) to ensure your ads only appear on mobile devices.

4. Refine Your Ads with Geotargeting

One of the best Google Adwords management tips to keep doing is to use geotargeting, especially if you’re catering to a niche market. You don’t want to spend extra on non-quality leads.

To exclude specific regions, bid negative amounts on them. That way, your ads won’t appear to people who live in those areas.

5. Use Relevant Ad Extensions

You have to assume that potential and existing customers would want to know more about your offerings. This is why after doing Headlines, Paths, and Descriptions, you have to use every relevant ad extension there is.

These include Callout Extensions, Review Extensions, Sitelink Extensions, and so on. According to Google, ads using multiple extensions do better than those using only one.

Need Help with Google Adwords Management?

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