5 Innovative Web Design Trends to Look out for in 2020

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There are over 1.5 billion websites on the web today!

Your website is the face of your business and with so many sites out there you need to make a good first impression. However, this is often easier said than done and you must keep up with trends in order to make your website relevant.

Things can change rapidly on the web and you need to be in the know. Here is your guide to some of the most innovative web design trends you can expect to see in 2020.

1. Black and White

When you think of web design you are likely to be thinking about color. However, there is a new trend that sees more black and white images being used. It often creates a striking effect because of its so different from what is expected especially when it is used on the homepage.

A stunning black and white image paired with pops of colors will mesmerize your visitor. If you place some kind of call to action near the image you are likely to get a good response.

If you sell affiliate products on your site, using black and white images to advertise the products will get people to click links. These images work because of the novelty and vintage appeal that it carries in a generation that is so used to color.

2. Outline Your Text

There is a typography trend emerging that is likely to continue in 2020. It is that of outlining text. When a font is outlined it creates a half there, half gone appearance that captures the viewer’s attention, this is why it is so effective.

You can use it to make the name of your website stand out and then use a more traditional text like sans serif to write your website tagline. For example, if you have a business named “Sue’s Kitchen”, use a bold outline on the business name. If your tagline is “Where your tastebuds rock and roll”, you can use sans serif or any other font you like to give a contrast between the outlined title and the tagline.

3. Chatboxes that Use Artificial Intelligence

Chatboxes are a growing trend in web design because they offer a way to instantly communicate with your audience even when you are not online. The advancements in artificial intelligence are what is driving this trend. Machine learning now has a more customized feel to it that it did in the past and people are loving it.

Many websites that use chatboxes often use a mascot of some kind to represent the company. The mascot may be a cute helpful animal or a simulation of a person. Either way, it helps to make communication feel less robotic for the user.

A Final Look at Innovative Web Design Trends

There are many innovative web design trends emerging and you now know three of the best ones. If you can incorporate them in your web design in the upcoming year you are likely to captivate your website visitors from the start. 

When you make a good first impression you are likely to see repeat visits, these visitors are the ones that will connect with you and buy your products and services. This means that web design is a powerful tool in your hand.

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