5-Minute Social Media Workshop : 5 Strategies That Work

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Did you know that as of 2017, 81% of Americans had a social media profile? This number is probably even higher today.

That means that you have a huge potential to show your products to the world if you use social media tools well.

You’ve probably seen a lot of people with millions of followers on these websites and wonder what their secrets are and how they get so much engagement.

Most of them are celebrities whose fame brought them the crowd. But your business should always strive to achieve similar results.

Check out this 5-minute social media workshop to get an inside look at the tactics that catapult people and businesses alike to the spotlight.

1. Outline Your Objectives and Goals

Having your objectives outlined is a great way to help you react when your campaigns don’t meet your expectations.

You should choose a meter to measure your success with. Do you just want likes? Retweets? Or are you trying to convert views into leads?

Your social media goals should also align with a broader marketing strategy. By having your business visible in many different ways you will be able to reach all potential audiences.

2. Do an Audit of Your Social Media

Before you can improve, you need to know where you’re starting. Take inventory of how your current strategy is working.

You should also check to make sure no one is using your business’ name fraudulently anywhere else on social media and report them if so.

Then ask yourself what social media channels your audience will most likely be on.

Take the time to post valuable content on fewer channels to target this audience instead of wasting your time on outliers.

If you don’t have a good digital marketing service, or if you do your work yourself and haven’t been seeing the results you want, then you should consider hiring someone today.

3. Improve Your Accounts

Honing your presence on each account is important if you want to meet your goals.

Make sure that you fill out your account details completely and only use high-quality images for your content.

4. Create a Content Marketing Plan

You need to decide what kind of content you want to post and how often you plan to post it.

Then, you need to figure out what time of day most of your audience will be online. That’s the best time to make your post.

Be sure to target your content to the interests of your audience. What do they need to hear to click and find out more?

5. Evaluate and Adjust Your Plan

As you go through the development of a strong social media presence, you’re bound to make some mistakes.

Make sure that you keep track of the changes you make and evaluate which strategies work over time so that you can combine all of your experience into the optimal strategy.

Try a Social Media Workshop

If you aren’t seeing the results you want, then you may need professional help or to attend a social media workshop.

Check out this article to see how your business could benefit from a pro managing your social media and gain more followers today.

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