A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, But a Video is Worth More: 5 Reasons to Use YouTube Marketing

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Have you decided to dabble in the world of digital marketing? Have you posted blogs and formed an impressive social media platform? If you have, then you’re on the right track.

But have you thought about YouTube marketing? If not, then it’s time you do. The benefits of YouTube are undeniable.

But if you’re not sure how using YouTube for your business can help you, then get comfortable. Because you’ll want to read this. Continue scrolling for five reasons why using YouTube for marketing is important to you!

1. High Traffic 

YouTube marketing brings in the viewers. Think about how many people use YouTube. Not sure of that number?

No worries. We’ll tell you. YouTube has over 1.8 billion users every month. 

And although it’s unlikely for your video to go viral and hit 1 billion views, it’s very likely that it’ll get a lot of traffic. And who knows, deliver the right content and it just might go viral!

2. High Ranks on Google

Using YouTube for marketing helps raise your rank on Google and other search engines as well. And videos are now being treated with just as much importance as text-only pages. So try adding a YouTube video to your page!

The videos matched with your blogs, social media, and other uses of digital marketing is sure to shoot you to the top! And building backlinks to your page raises the chances of being found when someone completes a search.

3. Get the Shares

Let’s face it: people love sharing videos. Why? Because it’s more fun to share a video than it is to share a text-only page.

You know your social media feed is flooded with videos of all genres. So why not be one of those videos? And you can take a blog post and embed it into the video!

Be sure your content is exciting, informational, and relevant to your audience. Once you’ve produced amazing video content, the shares will begin. 

4. Expand Your Audience

Deciding to use YouTube as a marketing tool enables you to expand your audience. YouTube videos are accesses throughout the world. Are you ready to take on a global audience?

Let’s do it! Now that the internet and use of mobile devices are booming, YouTube is booming as well. It’s available in a plethora of languages and countries.

And 80 percent of YouTube traffic comes from outside of the United States. This means your content is being accessed all over the world 24 hours 7 days a week.

5. Stop Your Content from Going Flat

Don’t give up on your past content ideas. Stop them from going flat! One of the most important YouTube benefits is that it gives you the opportunity to take old content and bring it back to life in a new light.

This saves you time and money. For example, take a previously created blog post and transform it into a YouTube video. You’re using the same content, but offering it in a new that will appeal to the audience in a different way. 

It’s Time to Use YouTube Marketing

If you’ve been thinking about YouTube marketing for your business, then start today! YouTube videos are a great way to increase your business’s visibility. But don’t stop now.

For tips on how to create an awesome YouTube marketing campaign check out our blog now.

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