5 Signs Your Business Website Design Could be Letting You Down

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It only takes one-twentieth of a second for a visitor to decide they don’t like the layout of your business website design. Yes, you read that right.

The human brain is made to take in details at a rapid pace, which means most people are going to make speedy judgments based on first appearances without taking the time to keep looking.

Here are some things that could be turning them away from your website and how you can change it.

Optimize for Tablets and Mobile Devices

People use their smartphones and tablets for everything these days. That includes accessing your website while waiting in line at the coffee shop or riding the bus to work.

If your business website design isn’t compatible with tablet and mobile device users, it’s an automatic turn-off. Their ability to navigate your site without confusion is important and will go a long way in keeping visitors.

Keep Your Website Design Fresh

Users will judge your website if it looks outdated in any way.

Keep the layout fresh, organized, and up to date. If your visitors even suspect your website of being out of date, they will move on because they want something that has new ideas.

A professional, modern design will ensure your website is ready for business and prepared to answer every question your visitor has.

Boost Page Loading Speed

The hard truth is that 40% of visitors claim to leave a page if it fails to load within three seconds.

Not only does it affect the user’s perception of your website, but it also affects conversion rates and can lead to a cut in leads. Don’t let loading speed be a factor in how people view your business website.

Be Descriptive about Yourself

When people visit your website, it’s because they want to know what you can do for them.

So, if they start looking around and that information isn’t readily available, or you’re a little vague about who you are and what you’re company provides, visitors are going to click out pretty fast and find someone else who is a little more informational.

Social Media Sharing Options

With 40% of the world using social media in today’s, you can’t afford to not get in on the action.

If a visitor looks around your page and finds there is no social media sharing option, chances are they might not come back.

In the age of hyper-sharing and one-click options, a company’s best bet is to offer a way for people to share what they find with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Social Media Management

The importance of a well-maintained and updated website can’t be stressed enough.

Our post on Social media management can be helpful to you and your company’s website by giving you insight and answers to all of your difficult questions.

Visit our website for more blog posts about professional website design, or contact us for more information about media management.

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