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Launching a new company is an exciting venture and as a business owner, you can’t wait to show your products to the world. However, to become a brand they choose over and over again, you need a solid branding strategy.

Some of the most popular brands in the world like Apple, Coca Cola, and Nike have a clear vision, a purpose, and a marketing message that people relate to. This makes them stand out from their competitors and be leaders in their industries.

Here are our best tips on creating a strong branding story that people will love and relate to.

Know Your Target Audience Well

The best way to build a brand is to get to know your target audience. Aside from creating a buyer persona based on demographics, you should also learn about your customers’ lifestyle.

What are their core needs? What are their shopping habits? What problems do they have that your product can solve? Ask a lot of questions and get feedback from potential customers to learn how your brand can fit into their lives.

Build Strong Relationships With Your Customers

To create a strong brand that people will love, you should build and maintain relationships with your customers. Many brands end their interaction with customers after a completed purchase. They don’t follow up to see if the customer is happy with the product, nor do they offer additional help.

Building relationships with customers takes time, but once they learn to trust you, they’ll buy from you over and over again.

Know Your “Why”

As a company, you have a vision for your brand and a mission to give you direction. Building a brand people will recognize requires you to go deeper and define your brand purpose. In the words of Simon Sinek, find your “why” by asking yourself these questions:

  • Why does your brand exist?
  • Why is your brand a necessity?
  • Why should customers care about your brand?
  • Why are you doing this?

Once you establish your purpose and know why you do what you do, customers will follow suit.

Develop a Brand Personality

Your brand personality should be an essential part of your branding strategy. It’s the approach you have with customers, the language you use to talk to them, and the way you’re different from your competitors.

Analyze your main competitors to see how they do it and what results they get. Most customers don’t want to buy from yet another brand; they want to buy from a brand they can relate to.

Keep the Branding Universal Across All Social Media Channels

Your branding should be universal across all marketing channels you use, especially social media. Use the same logo, messages, imagery, advertising, and language across all profiles to establish your brand identity.

Monitor your brand mentions and reply to people’s messages promptly. This will show them you’re ready to help and that you care about their needs.

Develop a Strong Branding Story With These Tips

Branding is more than just a logo, colors, and fonts. It’s about connecting to your customers, understanding their needs, and creating loyal fans. These tips will help you build a strong branding story that people will love.

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