Online Reputation Repair: How to Fix Damaged Relationships

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In the beginning, businesses don’t need to pay as much mind to their reputation as they start out untarnished. It’s almost inevitable, though, that something will eventually happen to tarnish the reputation of a business.

Whether it’s at the hands of one lone individual or a group of people, once things start to go downhill, they gain momentum…and quickly. And then, before you know it, you’re scrambling to figure out how you can right the situation and repair your company’s reputation. Once your reputation goes downhill, it can be hard to salvage. This is where online reputation repair comes in handy.

If your company is looking to fix its online reputation, check out this guide.

We’ll give you the keys you need to get your business back on track, so you can get back to making (and keeping) your customers happy.

What to Do When Your Online Reputation Has Been Damaged

To fix your online reputation, follow these steps:

1. Own It

No matter what the indiscretion may be, your business needs to own up to it. Be open and honest about the situation, and the public will be grateful for it. This is the first step to fixing your online reputation.

2. Issue an Apology

When you’re wrong, it’s critical to apologize. Issue a public apology, but make sure that it’s sincere and doesn’t make it sound like you’re being defensive. Then, once you’ve made a statement, go back to business as usual and confirm there aren’t any other skeletons in your closet to deal with.

3. Find the Culprit

You may need to do some sleuthing here, but it’s in your best interest to figure out where the pain originated and see that it’s destroyed. Maybe it’s a viral video or an epic Twitter fail. Whatever it is, get rid of it as soon as possible.

4. Take Control of the Situation

Face it: a nasty situation isn’t going to improve unless you come up with a plan of action to get your company and its reputation back on track. Start with the steps above and go from there.

If you’ve made your best attempt at doing your own online reputation repair and aren’t getting the results you were hoping for, you may want to think about investing in professional social media management.

When you have a professional on your side to manage your social media accounts, you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to delicately handle issues when they do inevitably arise.

Don’t Delay Your Online Reputation Repair

Timing is crucial when it comes to online reputation repair. The longer you wait to respond to an angry customer or a PR nightmare, the longer it will take your business to recover from the blowback.

If you need help managing your social media, please contact us.

We’ll work with you to develop a plan of action so your social media accounts are the least of your worries, so you can get back to doing what you’re best at: running your business.

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