The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing to Avoid Copyright Infringement

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With the popularity of social media, the number of copyright infringement cases grows by the minute. While some companies can afford to produce their own original content, others resort to sharing or using other people’s images or text.

If you don’t give proper credit, purchase a license, or ask for permission, this is considered copyright infringement. These practices are illegal and can lead to lengthy and expensive lawsuits.

Keep reading to learn how to avoid copyright infringement on social media and avoid being sued.

Do Thorough Research on Copyright Laws

If you’re not sure what copyright infringement is, you should do thorough research on copyright laws in your state or country. Some images and text are public domain, which means they’re free from royalties or copyright.

Everything else that’s not labeled as public domain is subject to copyrights. You can also consult a copyrights lawyer to keep your social media accounts on the legal side.

Purchase Commercial Content Licenses

One of the safest ways to avoid copyright infringement is to simply purchase a commercial use license for the content. For example, if you’re using stock photos, images, illustrations, or fonts, it’s best to buy them directly from the artist.

Commercial use licenses give you permission to use the work wherever and whenever you want, no credit or attribution needed.

Create Your Own Images and Text

When you’re not sure if the content you use is a copyright violation, it’s best to produce your own content, including photos, text, and illustrations. This way, you’ll always be on the safe side and won’t have to worry about copyright infringement.

You can either hire a photographer or a graphic designer who will make the content for you, or learn to create it yourself. You’ll also have total creative control to create branded company content.

Always Give Credit

Giving credit in your social media posts is the best method for avoiding copyright infringement. In most cases, the authors won’t mind a little extra publicity and you’ll show your customers that your company is honest and respectful.

You can either tag the artists on the image or add their social media handle or full name to your post. The same goes for videos, stories, or ad campaigns.

Always Ask for Permission

Asking for permission is one of the easiest ways to avoid copyright infringement for content that’s not originally yours. Simply approach the artist and ask them if you can use their photos, videos, music, or other creations for your social media channels.

Always offer to give them credit and make sure to explain in detail how you plan to use their content. If you’re only using it for your social media channels, the artists will likely give you permission. If you plan to use their content for commercial purposes, you’ll probably need to pay them for licensing or royalties.

Avoid Copyright Infringement Cases on Social Media With These Tips

With so much content on social media today, it’s not always easy to know what you can use freely and what can subject you to copyright infringement cases. When in doubt, always ask for permission from the author or purchase a license so you can have peace of mind.

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