The Top 5 Google Ads Tricks Everyone Should Know

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Each second of the day, Google is processing over 40,000 searches for online users.

For digital marketers, that’s a gold mine.

You always want to advertise where your customers are. So, what are the best tricks you need to know to get Google ads to work for your business? Read on to find out.

1. Make Your Landing Page Matter

To be effective, you need your Google ads to direct your customers to the right place. No one wants to spend a lot of time clicking and searching through a website to find what the ad specified.

Instead, optimize your landing page to align with your ads.

Include contact information right on the page, and use a design that’s attractive. Engage your audience and don’t leave them clicking right off your page. If you do, then it’s an entire waste of your Google ad strategy.

2. Best Tricks for Beginners: Pick the Right Keywords

One of the fundamentals of digital marketing is understanding that keywords matter.

Google ads are no different.

You’ll need to choose the right keywords if you want your campaign to work.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Think like your customers
  • Use variations of similar keywords
  • Use keywords that are specific and targeted

The keywords you pick will have a major impact on the success or failure of your Google ad strategy.

3. Research What Customers Type Before They Convert

When you first start out, you may end up picking keywords that don’t lead to conversions. That’s okay because keyword strategies take a lot of adjusting over time.

You need to consider the SEO trends for 2019 when constructing your strategy. But, you can’t only rely on what’s trending to bolster your strategy.

You need to do some reverse research. Find out what customers are typing into search engines when they end up on your website. This strategy will give you new keyword combinations to work with.

4. Location, Location, Location

How many times have you typed into Google “restaurant near me” or something similar? You can harness the power of these geographic-specific searches.

With Google, you can improve ads by targeting people in certain geographic areas. Using location to identify and target your base is very effective.

5. Perform Routine Maintenance (Delete Bad Ads)

Another important aspect of your Google ads is removing the ads that don’t work. Why is regular maintenance important?

If you leave inefficient ads up, then you’re spending money on keywords that won’t convert. Such behavior only increases your budget while reducing your gains.

Keep Calm and Google On

The best tricks for using Google ads can help launch your business to new heights. You’ll reach more customers, generate more leads, and earn more profits in your pocket.

Effective Google ads are only one aspect of your marketing campaign. Often, companies who outsource digital marketing outpace their competitors. Reach out to the experts at Mauve on our online form for more insight into how we can help.

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