Watch Out in 2019: Here Are the Biggest SEO Trends Coming Your Way


Most small businesses only spend 1% of their revenue on advertising and marketing. Since the budget for marketing and advertising is so low, most businesses feel they have to pick and choose between advertising and marketing strategies.

Since SEO provides such long term results, more businesses are turning to SEO.

SEO and other digital marketing continue to provide effective results. Continue reading to learn more about SEO trends in 2019 and how you can get the best results.

Use These SEO Trends to Win in the New Year

Learning how to capitalize on the top trends in SEO can help you jump ahead of your competition. Here are some of the top trends you can’t miss.

User Intent

If someone lands on your blog and they are at a different stage in the buying process than what your content is optimized for, they aren’t like to convert. When you think about user intent when you’re creating your content, you can speak right to the heart of the matter.

Inbound marketing is all about serving the client before they ever make a purchase. Making sure to keep customer intent in mind is key when you want to win with inbound.

SEO Is More Than Google Now

Most marketers focus on making Google happy with their SEO efforts, but there are other places to keep in mind now.

One of the other places to keep in mind when you’re working on your SEO efforts is Amazon. Amazon is a massive marketplace, and you want your products seen there as much as possible.

Quality Content Is Key

Search engines and marketplaces all want to display high-quality content.

If your website content isn’t high-quality, it will likely to be buried in the many pages of content online. Whether you are trying to rank an article or a product page, you need to put time and energy into constructing content that provides value to the searcher.

Authority Means Even More

SEO moves toward authority even more. Authority and brand recognition are one of the things search engines and marketplaces pay attention to. They know that customers trust certain brands and influencers and they respect that.

Continue to build your authority by offering great content. Getting recognition from trusted websites and other influencers is a great way to build your authority as well. Continue building your authority in 2019 as the need for authority increases.

On-Page SEO Is Even More Important

The importance of on-page SEO continues to increase, and if you take the time to get it done, the benefits you receive are worth it.

Let the search engines know what your website is about and use different keyword variations. There is no need to keyword stuff your website like in the past.

Upgrade Your Brand and Marketing

Learning about SEO trends and other important marketing methods is an important part of running your business.

When you learn the latest marketing strategies, you can operate effectively and get a jump on the competition. Continue learning by reading our article about brand management

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