What Is Geofencing Advertising (And Why Your Business Needs It ASAP)

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Are you ever impressed with the accuracy of targeted ads?

If you like targeted campaigns, then geofencing advertising should pique your interest. What is this growing technology-driven marketing strategy, and how does it work? What are the benefits of geofencing?

Read on to get the answers to all your questions and more!

What’s Geofencing?

Geofencing is a new and growing type of marketing. It’s a local mobile advertising that sends ads to customers who are in a specific area. How does geofencing work? Here’s an overview:

  • The business sets up a geofence (a virtual boundary around an area)
  • The customer downloads the business’s app
  • A customer travels into the geofence area
  • The customer receives a notification, ad, or coupon from the business

Geofence advertising only works with smartphones. Why? Programs rely on a smartphone user’s location information to send the geofencing ads. In most cases, a smartphone app facilitates the geofencing.

Benefits of Geofencing Advertising

Does geofencing mobile advertising work? So far, businesses have had a lot of success with the method. Here are some of the advantages of advertising with geofencing:

  • Location-based ads are relevant to customers
  • Geofencing is cost-effective
  • Geofencing is versatile
  • Customers like getting coupons when nearby a store
  • Tracking campaign effectiveness is simple
  • You can target your competitor’s customers

Some businesses hesitate to consider geofencing because it is only relevant for smartphone users. But, statistics show that these concerns aren’t valid. Now, over 81% of Americans have smartphones, so that’s a huge market.

How to Get Started

Geofencing is projected to grow by 27% by 2020. Are you wondering how to start a geofencing advertising campaign? Here are a few tips:

  • Choose your medium (Facebook, Google Ads, your own app)
  • Set up your geofence area
  • Set up other parameters (target customer’s age, gender)
  • Create your advertisement or message to your customers
  • Wait to see the results!

If you’re seeking tips for successful marketing, then consider using geofencing ads. Experts believe this type of marketing will continue to explode in the coming years.

Can Geofencing Work With Other Devices?

Most geofencing campaigns work with smartphones and apps. But, you can also use this same technique with tablets, desktops, and other devices.

This type of targeting isn’t as effective, though, because those devices aren’t mobile. Here are a few other questions to consider when creating your geofence strategy:

  • Do you have an established business app?
  • What’s the customer’s speed while traveling? Don’t target drivers.
  • How large is your geofence?
  • Can the user opt-out of these ads?

As with all campaigns, the best ads will target the right customers. Your target customer is someone who is already on their phone but within the geofence.

The Future is Now

Geofencing advertising is rising in popularity because it works. Customers enjoy the benefits, and businesses enjoy the profits. Could geofencing ads benefit your business?

Are you looking for a geofencing expert to boost your digital marketing strategy? Reach out to us online to get started today.

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