Say Yes to YouTube: 3 YouTube Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

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YouTube reigns supreme in the video realm.

Over the years, it has evolved into a go-to destination for continent consumption and promotion. The platform shapes online behavior and spearheads video marketing endeavors. It’s one of the main reasons why video content is such a dominant digital trend.

YouTube marketing statistics speak volumes about its reach and effectiveness. Business owners across industry sectors have a unique opportunity here.

The success, however, hinges on your ability to make sense of the numbers. Only armed with this knowledge do you stand a chance of captivating the audience. Here are the main reasons why you need to start doing it sooner rather than later.

1. Impressive Usage Rate

YouTube attracts a whopping 2 billion unique users every month.

It’s the second most visited website in existence after Google. Oberlo’s study shows it’s also the second most popular social network of today. Netflix is the only platform that supports more TV video viewing.

Mobile devices though are the most popular means of content consumption. Bandwatch reports around 70% of total watch time (1 billion hours per day) originates from them. This trend emphasizes the importance of mobile optimization.

All in all, it’s obvious YouTube’s global reach is unparalleled. You can leverage it regardless of your niche, location, and industry sector.

2. Younger Demographic Profile  

This isn’t to say launching YouTube campaigns is a no-brainer.  

To achieve marketing ROI, you have to grasp the demographic makeup of the audience.

Namely, teenagers and young adults account for 81% of the user base in the US. Another study reveals at least 90% of US users aged between 18 and 44 access the platform regularly.

In general, YouTube gets progressively more popular the younger age average is. However, notice YouTube is well-liked among older age groups as well. Just don’t expect to reach as many users in those audience segments.

The main lesson to draw is clear: YouTube isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing solution.

3. Recommendation Algorithm Rules

Believe it or not, 70% of what people watch is determined by the recommendation algorithm.

Both external sources and YouTube executives have confirmed this. The trend persists across age groups, suggesting the algorithm is effective at assessing personal preferences.

So, to maximize visibility, develop a deeper understanding of how this system works. You essentially have to get the themes, CTAs, keywords, video lengths, and other elements right.

The benefits you can reap from this smart approach are immense.

Only 10% of the most popular YouTube videos drive 79% of all views. Disproportionate popularity keeps the vast majority of channels from taking off.

YouTube Marketing Statistics: Your Guiding Light

Dominating the biggest video frontier of all is no walk in the park.

To inform your efforts, you have to rely on facts and figures, the key YouTube marketing statistics. Start by familiarizing yourself with demographics and usage numbers.

Then, conduct in-depth research and define your target audience. Figure out ways to make search and discovery system work to your advantage.

This is the way to avoid getting snowed under a mountain of more relevant content.

Get in touch with us if you need help taking your marketing strategy to the next level. It’s time to engage the audience and keep it coming back for more.

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