4 Brand Building Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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4 Brand Building Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Brand building is not a task for the faint-hearted and despite your best intentions, you could be on the wrong track. Read this now and avoid disaster.

In a world dominated by smartphones, Google, and short attention spans, your brand matters more than ever before.

Your business’s brand is the emotions and perceptions your consumers experience when they come across your company’s services, products, or even name.

With that said, the art of brand building is not one that should ever be taken lightly. Making the wrong move can result in lackluster traffic and ROI (at best) or a complete PR disaster (at worst).

Let’s get into the top mistakes to avoid!

You Don’t Think Brand Building Is Important

News flash- it is! Having a cohesive brand is valuable to your business in numerous ways from improving your search engine rank to establishing expertise in your field.

Your brand represents everything your company stands for- it’s what creates a clear and concise image in your visitors’ minds.

In other words? You can’t afford to not focus on branding.

You’re Trying to Reach out To Everyone

Like to people-please? That may be fine in your personal life, but it’s a disaster in your online presence.

In a perfect business world, everyone would use your products or services. But, unless you’re aiming to be the next Google or Coco-Cola, you need to focus on your specific audience. This will help in every aspect of marketing, from your brand building to your SEO strategy.

If you don’t know who target audience consists of, then you have some work to do! Who are you trying to reach out to? Who could best benefit from your products or services? What kinds of questions or problems do those people typically have?

Remember this rule of thumb: when you try to cater to everyone, you end up helping no one! And, what kind of business model is that?

You’re Not Consistent

Maybe you have a killer logo, but your fonts look strange or even cluttered. Or, maybe you’ve got the content writing down to a perfect art, but your images are weak and grainy.

We’ve all heard that phrase that consistency is key, and we’ll tell you this: consistency is the backbone of any successful brand building.

Make sure that you’re not just developing one piece at a time. They need to meld together to form a cohesive image!

You Don’t Stand Out

If you’re competing in a highly-saturated market, blending in is just about the worst thing you can do for your business.

You should fear to create a bland and subpar website. With that, you should do everything in your power to make sure that you are conveying just how unique and dynamic your products or services are.

After all, if you just blend into a sea of similar competition, why should anyone pick you above the rest?

Final Thoughts on Brand Building

Whether you choose to take the DIY approach or outsource your digital marketing, don’t take your company’s brand for granted!

Are you interested in learning more about dynamic tips and strategies to improve your website? Be sure to spend more time on our blog!

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