5 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

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Poor website design will make you lost business fast. 

Your website needs to not only be aesthetically pleasing but easy to navigate as well. You want to create the best experience possible for your customers and keep people engaged with your content.   

Here are our top five website design mistakes to avoid for your small business.

1. Poor Navigation

Navigation is important. If someone can’t easily figure out how to navigate through your website, they’ll leave. 

Your menu bar should be visible and easy to understand and potential customers shouldn’t have to click through a maze of links to find the information they need. 

Good website navigation includes:

  • Consistent design and structure
  • “About Us” and “Contact Us” links
  • A search bar
  • Organization through navigation bar links
  • Descriptive links
  • Always provide a link back to the home page 

2. It Takes Too Long to Load 

Your website needs to have a fast loading time. Not only will it turn people away but Google doesn’t like it and it negatively impacts your SEO. 

To help speed up your site, make sure your images are optimized. 

There are a few options to compress your images before adding them to your site. You can manually adjust the file size before downloading or use other services that will compress the image without reducing quality. 

Use plug-ins to cache the newest versions of pages on your site. This will reduce your page load time for returning users. 

3. Not a Mobile-Friendly Website

In the last seven years, mobile traffic is up 222 percent!

Desktop usage has been declining while mobile usage is on the rise. You need to have a mobile-friendly website. 

Your website needs to be easy to use on mobile devices, especially navigation and drop-down menus. Not being mobile-friendly will make people quickly exit. 

4. It’s Not Readable

Your content should be skimmable. Break-up long paragraphs and make use of headings and subheadings!

You want to grab the attention of your readers and walls of text with no attention-grabbing headings won’t make anyone want to stay and read. 

Not using headings or subheadings is bad for SEO. This helps search engines find you and to know what your content is about. 

5. No Regular Blog Posts 

Creating regular, fresh content increases website traffic, raises your credibility, improves SEO, and creates relationships with your customers.  

Create inbound links in your post leading to other blog posts and add links to social media accounts. You want as much customer interaction with your website as possible. 

Communicating with customers on your posts and social media accounts will create a positive experience and give them a reason to come back. 

Don’t Make These Website Design Mistakes 

These website design mistakes can not only hurt your SEO but it won’t make potential customers want to stay and interact with your website. 

Contact our team at Mauve Modern Marketing Solutions and we will work with you and your business to develop customized online marketing strategies. 

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