Establish Yourself! 5 Clever Branding Strategies Every Business Owner Needs to Know About

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Branding is everything these days.

Think about it. Every major player in the tech industry has built its empire on a strong brand and a strong identity. Your business shouldn’t be any different.

There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to branding strategies, however. Thinking that you can build a brand overnight is one of the major pitfalls that young companies experience. If you try to lock yourself into something too early on, then you’ll paint yourself into a corner and never recover. 

Instead, follow these tips that we’ll lay out for you. Use them to build up your brand slowly and effectively, and you’ll never look back in regret. Let’s get started.

5 Branding Strategies That Work

When coming up with your branding strategy, you need to consider a few things. For instance, what does your company do? What represents your company culture? What type of people are you trying to appeal to?

Your branding isn’t made up of tangible things like your logo, website, and products. Instead, those things are affected by your branding strategy and everything is wrapped up together in a neat package that is your brand. So, let’s figure out how to achieve quality branding that makes sense for your company.

1. What Is Your Purpose?

What does it mean to have a purpose? Your purpose isn’t to make your product or provide your service. It’s the reason that you do those things. At the heart of your branding strategy is why you’re providing the thing that you’re providing.

We’ve seen this at work in huge marketing campaigns for companies like Starbucks, Nike, Coca Cola, Walmart, and Google. Their purpose isn’t to roast coffee or make shoes, it’s to inspire and nurture the human spirit, one cup of coffee at a time and bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

Try to think of who you’re appealing to and why your company can help them, then come up with a well-written mission statement for the purpose of your company.

2. Appeal to Emotions

Creating a culture around your business will appeal to your customers’ emotions. A lifestyle brand is something that will keep bringing new customers in while you give the old customers a reason to stick with you.

Brands like Harley Davidson and Apple have perfected this notion. To feel like a part of a larger community is a powerful tool in marketing, so when you’re coming up with your purpose, think of the larger emotional impact that you can make with your products and services.

3. Consistency Is Key

Managing your brand is so important. Keeping everything consistent across the board will help build your brand identity over time. Your logo, website, and voice should send the same message every time. 

A cohesive look will instantly make your brand and your company recognizable, while consistency in your messages will let your customers know that your products will always be of the quality that they’ve come to expect.

4. But Flexibility Is Better

While consistency is hugely important in helping your brand’s recognizability, being flexible is even more important.

Things are always changing in the digital marketing landscape. The fact that there’s a digital marketing landscape at all is a testament to that. Just 25 years ago, we wouldn’t have known what was to come.

For that reason, your company’s brand should be open to change. Staying on top of burgeoning trends in marketing will give you a head start on changes that you can make to your brand to stay relevant.

5. Keep Your Employees Into It

Lastly, to fully ingrain your brand within your company, you have to have your employees buy into it. They should be well-versed in the way that your branding strategy requires them to behave as a representative of your company.

If your company’s branding is upbeat and cheerful, then you shouldn’t have a curt or grumpy customer service member helping people. If your employees know and accept your brand, you can better promote it from within.

Build a Better Brand

Use these strategies to build your brand from the ground up. If you haven’t considered the importance of your branding before, then you’re losing money to your competition.

Start brainstorming new and engaging branding strategies today and implement the best one tomorrow. It’ll take some time to grow and develop.

Having an identifiable brand will make a huge impact on your company’s dealings long-term, so you can’t afford to wait any longer.

For help building your brand and digital marketing strategies, visit us at Mauve Modern. While you’re there, check out our blog for more interesting posts about the importance of branding, social media, and digital marketing for your business.

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