The Best Tips and Tricks to Successfully Get a Google Partner Certifications


Google Partner certifications are a part of a program created by Google that rewards ad agencies who excel using Google ad products and services. These products and services include Google AdWords and Google Analytics. 

Because of this, ad agencies looking to improve their reputation and clientele should gain Google Partners certifications.

Google AdWords has six exams whereas Analytics only has one. To become a partner, you need to pass all of the Google AdWords exams plus an additional Google exam. As a company, you’ll also need to meet the required spending budget, demonstrate client and company growth, and sustain this growth over time. 

As advertisers, we know that this is no easy feat. Becoming a Google Partner is hard work, but it is certainly an achievable pursuit. 

Ready to learn the best tips and tricks for becoming a Google Partner? Read on to discover how to make this dream a reality. 

The Best Tips and Tricks for Google Partner Certifications

In the Digital Age, it’s important to set yourself apart from your competition. Setting yourself apart from your competition can help you gain new leads, increase revenue, and grow your clientele. Becoming a Google Partner is one way you can successfully outshine your competition. 

If your online reputation needs repair, becoming a Google Partner can help with the process. 

Explore the following tips for gaining Google Partner certifications so you can have an advantage over your competitors. 

1. Create a Company Profile

First, you’ll need to create a company profile and sign-up on the Google Partner website.

Creating a profile requires little to no effort either. All you’ll need is basic company information, such as a website and contact information.

2. Choose Two or More Team Members

Select two or more of your employees to become certified in Google Ads, Google Analytics, or another Google certification. These individuals will need to practice frequently on Google Ads. They’ll also need to meet the spending requirements outlined by Google.

3. Study

Study for the exam by taking practice quizzes. Google also provides individuals with study guides for all of the exams. 

4. Practice

Practice using Google AdWords on a regular basis. This will help you to put the knowledge you’ve learned to practical use. 

5. Take the Exam

When you’re prepared, take the exam in a quiet place. Make sure to answer all questions and re-read each question as needed. Before you answer a question, make sure you completely understand what it’s asking.

6. Invest

To gain Google Partner certifications, your company will need to invest $10,000 in Google Adwords within 90 days. If you want to achieve an even higher ranking of being a Google Premier Partner, then you’ll need to invest even more. 

7. Use the Tools

Continue using Google Adwords and other Google products for advertising. Use the knowledge you’ve gained to deliver measurable growth and revenue. Once you meet these guidelines and meet performance goals, you’ll be ready to receive your Google Partner badge. 

Google Partner Certifications: Giving Your Business the Edge

Like any worthy goal, gaining Google Partner certifications will take time and effort. However, these best tips and tricks can help you to navigate the process of becoming a Google Partner much more smoothly. 

When you do become a partner, you’ll also be privy to some substantial rewards. You’ll gain access to trainings, events, and promotional offers all provided by Google. These rewards will allow you to continue learning and outshining your competitors in your marketplace. 

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